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Economic & Workforce Development



We need to invest in workforce training for industries that can sustain Kentucky through both prosperity and difficulty, and that starts with logistics. Northern Kentucky is becoming a hotbed for transportation logistics companies because of its prime geographical location and accessible natural resources. The region houses some of the nation's largest logistics companies, including Total Quality Logistics, Wayfair, Integrity Express Logistics, Verst Logistics, Amazon Air and XPO Logistics, to name a few. In times of crisis, this industry prospers, and northern Kentucky needs to lead the charge in developing homegrown talent to fill its thousands of available jobs. Jamir's experience building programs put opportunities in the hands of Kentuckians. He provided leadership and oversight for an initiative that trained workers in historic preservation trades to revitalize part of Louisville, Kentucky's largest city.


The growth of a billion-dollar industry that relies on highways has resulted in wear and tear on our already dilapidated state and city roads. Our infrastructure was not designed to handle such a massive increase in traffic, and many roads need immediate repair, which means immediate jobs. Northern Kentuckians should have clear access to training to help our talent become immediately prepared to join the workforce. At the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, Jamir led the development of a Transportation Construction Certificate Program by partnering with both northern Kentucky's Gateway Community & Technical College and the University of Kentucky to ensure anyone interested in transportation work is afforded every opportunity to receive the most up-to-date training. 


Kentucky is the bourbon capital of the world, and northern Kentucky has embraced the tradition by producing some of the best new distilleries in the nation - like New Riff - and introducing the B-Line, a guided tour of regional craft distillers. This $8 billion/year industry is fueling the establishment of new businesses all across the region. As a board member and legal counsel to the Kentucky Black Bourbon Guild, Jamir will draw on industry knowledge to help District 65 residents develop the skills they need to join the movement.



From 2016-2019, Jamir served Kentucky as the Executive Director of the Office for Civil Rights and Small Business Development at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. Using experience and institutional knowledge, Jamir will work to ensure the Brent Spence Bridge

is addressed with Northern Kentuckians at the heart of the conversation.


At KYTC, Jamir built a successful cross-state partnership with Indiana that allowed Kentucky residents easier access to more jobs through a work exchange program that slashed bureaucratic paperwork. Jamir was also a champion of open, public conversation, holding input sessions for Kentuckians to provide feedback on KYTC project goals.


Opioid Epidemic

With a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and a Juris Doctor Degree, Jamir will work knowledgeably with state leaders and researchers to bring practical solutions and preventative measures to District 65 as Kentuckians face the very real issues created by the U.S. opioid epidemic. While serving as a Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Jamir assessed and assisted the drug-dependent population transitioning back into the workforce, and recruited, re-trained, and supported those with disabilities seeking work.

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